Wellness Testing

A comprehensive MOT for cats and dogs

Wellness testing is a comprehensive MOT for cats and dogs, which provides peace of mind on a pet’s health and early detection of diseases.

The tests are advised for healthy cats 7+ years old and healthy dogs 5+ years old (3 years old for giant dog breeds). Wellness tests are recommended every 6-12 months, typically at an annual vaccination and a 6-month check-up.

There are many benefits to the pet, the owner and your practice, including:


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Early disease detection

Peace of mind for owner

Promotion of animal welfare

A chance for a mid-year check up

Pets adapt to veterinary environment

Establishes a baseline for normal

How to get started?

Login to PATHPORT to see the full range of wellness testing screens. Alternatively, schedule a meeting with a member of our Partnership Team to discuss our wellness testing options in more detail.

Webinar recording:

For more information on wellness testing watch the recording of our webinar hosted by VPG’s Director of Pathology, Annette Fitzgerald Levey.


Nu.Q® Vet Test

We are delighted to have joined forces with Volition Veterinary to provide practices in the UK & Ireland with the Nu.Q® Vet Test. The test can aid in the early detection of some underlying cancers in healthy, asymptomatic dogs.

The Nu.Q® Vet Test is ideal for regular wellness checks, particularly in senior dogs aged 7 years and older. For breeds with a higher cancer risk, dogs as young as 4 years can benefit from this test.

Do you have further questions? We’ve answered your frequently asked questions on the test and shared information on sample requirements here.

Watch Volition’s webinar with The Webinar Vet for a comprehensive overview of the Nu.Q® Vet Test.

Click here to watch the recording

Additionally, delve deeper into the Nu.Q® Vet Test by watching the 3 short videos below. Dr Becca Timmons covers topics from the importance of cancer screening to integrating the test into practices.

Early Detection with Canine Cancer Screening

Utilising the Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test in Practice

Interpreting Results, Reading Emotions

You can conveniently order the test via PATHPORT from the featured tests section.

Nu.Q® is a registered trademark of VolitionRx Limited and its subsidiaries. The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test is supplied by Belgian Volition SRL.