VPG’s Digital Transformation



2023 was a year for digital transformation at VPG! We successfully transitioned to digital histology, allowing us to streamline our workflow, achieve unbeatable turnaround times and maintain the exceptional service offered by our histopathology lab.

We are now delighted to announce the roll-out of digital cytology in our reference labs, with Pannoramic 3D Histech scanners installed at our Leeds, Hitchin and Cork labs. These state-of-the-art digital scanners have been selected for VPG, following extensive trialling of products available on the market.

Simon Baker-Moore, Pathology Operations Manager at VPG, played a pivotal role in the selection process and expressed his satisfaction with the choice of 3DHistech scanners:

“During our digital cytology transformation, we found that the 3DHistech scanners offered us the image quality, throughput, and software integration capabilities that we required for a successful deployment of digital cytology.”

The Pannoramic 3D Histech P1000 in VPG Hitchin

With up to 80X magnification, excellent colour quality and resolution and integration into our cloud-based network, we can provide our Clinical Pathologists with the high-quality images needed to support our world-leading cytology service.

Annette Fitzgerald Levey, Director of Pathology, expressed her enthusiasm about the digital transformation:

“VPG’s transition to digital histology and cytology offers an incredible opportunity both to ourselves as a company and to our valued customers. We have taken great effort to comprehensively trial and select digital scanners that offer exceptional quality of images and scanning capacity, allowing us to continue setting the standard for veterinary pathology services across the industry. Our teams can continue to provide the personalised service that our clients expect, offering expert opinions and specialist advice, even for the most challenging of cases”.

Alex Penrose, Head of Pathology and Board Certified Clinical Pathologist shared insights from a cytologist’s perspective:

“From a cytologist’s perspective, the use of digital cytology at the VPG has been transformative. It enables collaboration across the group, ensuring expertise can be shared on complex cases, so that our clients get the very best advice from our team. It has also helped us to reduce turnaround times so that patients get their diagnosis sooner, helping clinicians work up cases more efficiently. The quality of the images obtained by the scanner is exceptional and enables us to produce reports that continue to be of the highest standard.”

The excellent image quality of the Pannoramic 3D Histech

Sean Haugland, Head of Pathology and Board Certified Anatomic Pathologist, emphasised the positive impact of VPG Histology’s digital platform on operations:

“VPG Histology’s digital platform has positively transformed the way we operate and has provided a fantastic opportunity for us to innovate and remain at the forefront of veterinary diagnostic service provision. The platform allows real-time case sharing with pathologist colleagues and the ability to share cases and collaborate geographically, for instance with specialists in a particular field of pathology. Rapid access to second opinions and case discussions ensures that our pathologists feel equipped and supported to provide the clinically relevant and accurate reports that our clients expect.”

High-quality Histology Imagery

The digitalisation of our cytology and histology services is just the beginning of our digital transformation journey. More internal changes are on the horizon, promising further streamlining of services and the continuation of our commitment to providing high-quality veterinary pathology services, so that VPG continues to deliver Excellence Everywhere.

For further information on our digital cytology service, please contact your local laboratory.