Itchy Pet Awareness Month: Spencer

Meet Spencer! Spencer’s human is Alastair Jack, VPG’s Business Development Manager. Spencer is a regular visitor to the Exeter Laboratory having made many friends there. He is currently taking our Allergen-specific immunotherapy-based Vaccine.

We have an extensive list of Environmental, Food and Combined screens and panels. We are always available on the phone to advise on what test may be best suited to each patient as an individual.

Our Vaccine covers between 1-8 Environmental Allergens. Our range includes Immunotherapy Vaccine 1-4 primary Environmental Allergens with a second Immunotherapy Vaccine for 5-8 additional Environmental Allergens.

To order a Vaccination we require a signed prescription and a special import certificate. It is important that all details on the certificate match up with the details on your submission form.

It is also important to note any steroids that have been prescribed, as a immunosuppressive dosage can interfere with results. We have top tips, panels, screens and Vaccines on pages 34 & 35 of our price list.

Not only does this help with Spencer’s Allergy condition, but we are also delighted to learn that he gets excited. His Immunotherapy Vaccine means it’s snack time and he gets to play with the staff at his local veterinary practice.

If you have any questions, please contact your local laboratory.

We absolutely love to hear how patients are doing, so please do share any stories, as this is something we share with our whole team.