Our Allergy Panel Service is Changing



From the 1st of September 2023 VPG is excited to be able to offer PAX allergy service with IgE testing specifically designed for the veterinary industry.


What is PAX Allergy testing?

PAX Allergy testing offers better identification of allergen cross reactivities than traditional ELISA testing, as well as CCD blocking, and over 200 allergen extracts and molecular components. PAX allergy provides identification of “primary” sensitising allergens, cross reactivities, and a selection of relevant allergens for specific immunotherapy.

This is a state-of-the-art molecular approach to the detection of sensitisations, whereby defined single allergen components are used for the determination of specific IgE, in place of traditionally used whole allergen extracts. This provides a higher level of standardisation and enables more precise identification of IgE sensitisations.

We test for over 50 environmental allergens and over 37 food allergens relevant to the UK and Eire.

We also offer free sample storage (for 3 months) so that samples can be taken at the time of onset and then stored pending future testing. We aim to report results within 7 days from sample receipt.


Will my allergy screening results look different?

There will be some change to the format of results: Where initial screening is positive, the expanded panel will provide both a grading and concentration for specific allergens, rather than a traditional titre. These results will be interpreted by our clinical pathologists alongside the relevant history and details provided. Results will be reported through Pathport and in a PDF format via email.

Please contact the lab to discuss with a pathologist if you have any questions.


VPG panels available: