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Sending the best possible sample to your diagnostic laboratory can reduce delays and improve the quality of the results that you receive, helping case management and the success of your practice. In this blog, we provide some top tips and helpful information when taking samples from exotic species such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, zoo species…



Itchy Pet Awareness Month: Spencer

Meet Spencer! Spencer’s human is Alastair Jack, VPG’s Business Development Manager. Spencer is a regular visitor to the Exeter Laboratory having made many friends there. He is currently taking our Allergen-specific immunotherapy-based Vaccine. We have an extensive list of Environmental, Food and Combined screens and panels. We are always available on the phone to advise…

Case Study: Dirofilaria

Daisy Jones, a Resident in Clinical Pathology at the Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG), has seen many interesting cases during her residency, including a recent case where Dirofilaria immitis was considered highly probable. Daisy’s study on this interesting case can be found below: Presentation: A 9 year old Labrador retriever presented to a veterinary centre for…

VPG Joins Fitzpatrick Referrals in STS Study

The Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG), today announced that it is partnering with Fitzpatrick Referrals to conduct a canine soft tissue sarcoma (STS) study. The study, which is being led by Tom Cave, the team of pathologists at VPG Histology and Jonathan Bray from Fitzpatrick Referrals, will be the largest piece of research into these tumours…

VPG Align with Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics

The Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG), today announced that they have formed a strategic alliance with Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics to provide veterinary practices with a complete laboratory Point of Care Testing (POCT) solution. The alliance with Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics, who are part of Woodley Equipment Company Ltd, will enable the provision of a wide range of…

The Art & Science of Veterinary Pathology

In the first event in our 20th anniversary series, Andy Torrance talked about how to diagnose canine and feline diseases using haematological and biochemical profiles, clinical pathology data and cytology. This involves: Watch the recording of our live webinar, which took place 15th July 2021, below: For more information on our services, please contact us.
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Customer Centricity, People & Innovation

The Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG), today announced that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company attributes its success over the last 2 decades to 3 main factors – customer centricity, its people and a focus on innovation. The VPG was born out of a conversation between two friends – a passionate pathologist and “businessman…

UK cases of Brucella canis

Over the past few weeks several UK labs have reported the diagnosis of Brucella canis in dogs imported from Romania.  Due to the significant zoonotic risk to both practice personnel and our own laboratory employees, we would like to warn you to take appropriate biosecurity measures when handling dogs or submitting samples of overseas origin…

VPG Welcomes Tom Cave to the Team

The Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) today announced that specialist medicine and oncology expert Tom Cave has joined their team. A long-time customer and friend of VPG, in his new role Tom will act as a Specialist Consultant, supporting VPG clients with medicine and oncology cases and the VPG team with cutting edge clinical research on…

A Residency in Retrospect with VPG

Hi, I’m Annie… I’m lucky enough to introduce myself as the newest resident at the Veterinary Pathology Group in the Hitchin laboratory. During vet school, I was that weird girl who actually liked microscopes. When I graduated, I became the weird vet who actually liked microscopes. So, I sought out my own kind and am…