Itchy Dog Update



Last year we featured a post on Spencer, our Business Development Manager Alastair Jack’s beautiful Labrador. Spencer was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and using the VPG’s serological allergy screening service, we could formulate a tailored vaccine for immunotherapy.

Spencer was a markedly pruritic dog with generalised ventral hyperpigmentation, and frequent, painful flare-ups. He has been on immunotherapy for 3 years and has now been able to reduce and eventually stop treatment with Apoquel®, in place of a monthly vaccine. Alastair reports he seems much happier in himself, he itches very rarely and no longer gets flare-ups.

Brilliant news for Spencer and great to see first hand how the VPG’s allergy screening can transform the lives of our beloved canine friends at this itchy time of year!

If you want to read more about our improved new offering in allergy testing, please contact the lab to discuss with one of our Clinical Pathologists.