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Our highly dynamic laboratory provides unparalleled histopathology insights and largest number of immunohistochemisty markers available in the UK.


We offer a full range of services ranging from cases received from our colleagues in general practice, to cases from almost all referral practices in the UK and Ireland.

We offer a full range of histopathology services:

  • All of our cases receive a full ECVP/ACVP style pathological description and clinically targeted comment provided for every case.
  • We are able to derive the greatest amount of clinically important information from the biopsy samples that are submitted to us by providing full light microscopic characterisation of tissues.
  • For all tumour submissions, we provide full evaluation of surgical margins where applicable.
  • We routinely grade canine and feline soft tissue sarcomas, canine mast cell tumours, pulmonary carcinomas, canine and feline mammary carcinomas, multilobular osteochondrosarcoma and canine lymphomas.

Our services include

  • Histopathology
  • Complex Histopathology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Special Stains


We will always strive to give you a definitive diagnosis or we will provide an opinion on  what is most likely based on our years of experience and data and will discuss further diagnostic tests if applicable. We are always happy to discuss any results over the phone.

We are at the forefront of digital histopathology and one of our strengths is in the sharing capability, as our founding principal is teams of pathologists working together generate the best reports. Pathologists can easily share throughout the group complex cases or unusual species. This means that we can deliver rapid results without compromising on accuracy.

Friendly Personal Service

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  • Use 10% formalin-solution and allow the specimen to fix for at least 24 hours.
  • Use a spill-proof container of an adequate size. For optimal fixation, the volume ratio of formalin: sample should be at least 10:1.
  • Small specimen can be secured in histology cassettes, but please make sure these are immersed in formalin with no air left in the cassettes.
  • In the interest of health and safety, please do not submit non- histopathology containers in particular no glass containers.
  • Submit fresh tissue for culture in a plain pot. Formaldehyde is bactericidal.
  • For large specimens, soak overnight in formaldehyde, then wrap in formaldehyde-soaked tissue paper. Triple bag the specimen. Do not put extra fluid in the bag.

Histopathology: What you need to know in practice

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Immunohistochemistry Offering

Immunohistochemistry is a diagnostic platform that helps pathologists diagnose or characterise neoplasms or other disease processes (for example some infectious diseases) or helps the assessment of prognosis. Immunohistochemistry is also often used to detect tissue-based biomarkers for research purposes. 

At VPG Histology we have a team of experienced biomedical scientists, who under the guidance of our pathologist team, use state of the art automated immunohistochemical staining to provide consistent and reliable results. We have established the largest panel of diagnostic antibodies amongst the commercial diagnostic histopathology labs in the UK with a focus on diagnostic tumour markers. 

You can find a list of the most used immunohistochemical markers for diagnostic and research use below. If you are interested in markers not currently on this list, please contact us to discuss our bespoke marker validation service. 

Our Histopathology Team

Caroline Fairbanks

Lab Director VPG Histopathology

Deepthi Chandy

Histology Laboratory Manager

Ellie O’Shea

Administration Manager

Sean Haugland

Head of Pathology and Board Certified Anatomic Pathologist

Annika Herrmann

Board Certified Anatomic Pathologist

Taiana Costa Kirkham

Board Eligible Anatomic Pathologist

David Walker

Board Certified Anatomic Pathologist

Kerstin Baiker

Anatomical Pathologist

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